Women’s March in Eugene

Were you there?

More than 7,000 people gathered for the Women’s March in Eugene in front of the Wayne L. Morse U.S. Courthouse on January 21, to raise our voices and be seen by the nation and the world. The mood was enthusiastic, supportive, determined, and not even the rain could dampen the fervor of the huge crowd that gathered there.

We strained to listen to a variety of speakers but the sound system proved inadequate for the overwhelming size of the crowd. We had come to march — march in the tradition of the suffragettes, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam and Iraq war protests. Of course, being Eugene, we were led by the invigorating drums of Samba Ja.

After the sorrow and shock of the election results, and following the harsh, icy weather of December and early January, this was the antidote. Like every march around the world on that day, it lifted our spirits and galvanized us to action. Now the work to protect our rights and safety in the era of the new Trump administration continues, and the energy has not and will not subside.

Were you there? That will be the question people ask for years to come.


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