Taking Action

At Oregon WAND, action is literally our middle name. Oregon Women’s Action for New Directions finds unique and real-world ways to show just how many resources the United States devotes to the Pentagon. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Oregon WAND paints in a variety of ways to get the message across.

Nuclear Accountability

WAND Works for Nuclear Accountability and Arms EliminationIt’s hard to believe that the threat of nuclear annihilation is still so potent today, yet it is. WAND works tirelessly to lobby Congress and local constituencies about the critical need for nuclear arms reduction, nuclear facility accountability, and the responsibility of government to maintain and bolster the entities in place to protect the health of persons living and working near and within the nuclear sites. Given that the pen is mightier than the sword, here is just one example of many about how Oregon WAND members get the word out.




No Drone Warfare

WAND No Drone Warfare Peace Train CarHighlighting the issue of drone warfare, Oregon WAND participated in the annual Eugene Celebration Parade with a No Drone Warfare car in the Peace Train. The drone industry has rapidly expanded in just the last few years with more than 50 nations now in possession of drone technology. WAND is actively shedding light on this killing device as it is currently being used and its growing threat as a tool for domestic surveillance.




The Oreo Budget

Oreo Budget RepresentationAt Oregon WAND, we find a great many ways to comprehend the huge imbalance of our federal discretionary budget. This representation of the budget involves Oreos, each cookie representing $10 billion. By moving individual cookies, or even whole cookies columns from the Pentagon budget, we can show better ways to redistribute our nation’s wealth.




Biking the Long Bar of Pentagon Spending

Pentagon Spending Chalk BarUsing chalk to create this highly visual representation, Oregon WAND members created this graph of discretionary spending on the campuses of the University of Oregon and Lane Community College in Eugene. College students rode and walked the long Pentagon bar that stretches far down the street seemingly to infinity.




Circle of Scribes

Circle of ScribesOregon WAND has given Circle of Scribes (writing for peace) workshops throughout Oregon. We summarize the work of George Lakoff to learn techniques for reaching the persuadable middle. A generous grant from McKenzie River Gathering allows us to offer the workshops for free. We have traveled from Lakeview to Forest Grove, from Coos Bay to Bend and have given the workshop locally several times. Contact us for details.